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Why Is that Art? Ch. 1 Response

In my Portfolio class we are reading “Why is that Art?” by Terry Barrett and every week I will post my answers to the questions at the end of the chapter. In Β chapter one of “Why is That Art?” Terry Barrett breaks down the definition of artΒ and what the different criteria are for deciding if […]

Andrew Wyeth

I love Andrew Wyeth! Growing up outside of Philadelphia,PA i had a membership to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and they had a huge show with a ton of his work. I could have stayed there for hours studying his paintings. I love that they are about the people and places that meant a lot […]

Do-Ho Suh

Do-ho Suh is really awesome Source Source Source


Hi! Im allison. Currently i am a senior at Flagler college with a major in Fine Art and a minor in Illustration. Ill use this blog to show what i am doing in my studio as well as showing my inspirations.