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Why Is that Art? Ch. 1 Response

In my Portfolio class we are reading “Why is that Art?” by Terry Barrett and every week I will post my answers to the questions at the end of the chapter. In  chapter one of “Why is That Art?” Terry Barrett breaks down the definition of art and what the different criteria are for deciding if […]

Andrew Wyeth

I love Andrew Wyeth! Growing up outside of Philadelphia,PA i had a membership to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and they had a huge show with a ton of his work. I could have stayed there for hours studying his paintings. I love that they are about the people and places that meant a lot […]

Do-Ho Suh

Do-ho Suh is really awesome Source Source Source


Hi! Im allison. Currently i am a senior at Flagler college with a major in Fine Art and a minor in Illustration. Ill use this blog to show what i am doing in my studio as well as showing my inspirations.