Why Is that Art? Ch. 1 Response

In my Portfolio class we are reading “Why is that Art?” by Terry Barrett and every week I will post my answers to the questions at the end of the chapter.

In  chapter one of “Why is That Art?” Terry Barrett breaks down the definition of art and what the different criteria are for deciding if something is in fact “art”.

1. Currently, what is your personal philosophy of art

I believe that “art” is made by someone that considers themself to be an artist and that they set out with the intent of producing a piece of art. I make art mainly for myslef since I paint things that i want to see and have around.

2. Regarding works of art in general, of what are you most certain?

I guess that art will always exist but the parameters for judging it will (hopefully) evolve as art that is made changes to reflect the changes in the world. Pieces that seem hideous now may become more accepted and revered as the parameters for judging art change over time. Lesson to self: make the work that you want to make when you want to make it because the art world is constantly changing and evolving and if i make art to please anyone other then myself i will never be happy with it.

3. Where is discussions of art and aesthetics do you feel most uncomfortable? What would you like to know that would disarm that discomfort?

As much as a I love abstract art (a whole lot!), I find it hard to take it seriously at times when it seems to just be scribbles on a page. In those situations it helps me to know the period of the piece to apply some sort of historical context and to help interpret it. I also appreciate if the artist has provided a name or any information that can be used to interpret the piece of give it context.

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