Monthly Archives: October 2011


Madeline is my baby:) She is little and spunky and full of energy but loves to lay on her back and have people rub her belly and she’s fiercely protective of Rambo.     Advertisements


Rambo is “technically” Emmanuel’s dog but he is totally a mamas boy and loves cuddling up to take naps. We adopted him when he was 6 months old from a guy who was moving over to France to join the French Foreign Legion!!! Random but true.


A little while after Gray died, my sister went to visit her friends farm in West Virginia. I remember we were watching A Connetticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court when she called to ask if she could bring a stray dog home. She was abandoned since she was gun shy but i think an even […]

Earl Gray

Way back when, a few years after my parents got married, a little grey kitten wandered into their yard. A neighbors cat just had kittens so they got to keep him. Since it was right around the royal wedding of Charles and Diana there was lots of royal fever in the US (kinda like the […]

Why is That Art? Ch 4 Formalism

Here are my answers to the questions in “Why is That Art” Ch 4, Formalism 1. Which of the artists and aestheticians in the chapter would match up best? I really don’t understand what this question is asking…match up in what way?? 2. What are the social advantages and disadvantages of isolating aesthetic values from other […]

Coffee and/or Tea

I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee and tea. And i love my red bodum french press and orange le cuisart tea kettle even though red and orange are most definitely not my favorite colors. I guess the pop of color gives a sense of energy like what i want from my beverages of choice.


I miss fall. I love the changing of seasons and the falling of leaves, wearing boots and sweaters, drinking hot apple cider. Fall-type things that are impossible to do in 85 degree weather in Florida:( Seasonal changes are something that i love so i want to feature it somehow. Here is a pumpkin painting, the […]