I lived in Argentina teaching English a few years ago and not a day goes by that i don’t wish i could go back!!!! The School i taught at was about an hour outside of Buenos Aires and it was right on a lake that i would run around once sometimes twice a day. I loved it!  And then in December when school was out, we went down to the Andes mountains to a gorgeous town called San Martien de los Andes and the school and a lodge/camp/retreat building that we helped to get ready for all of the summer guests. In our free times we would go on hikes up the mountains or go swim in the freezing cold mountain lakes (or just take a siesta…) Such fun times!! The whole time i was painting the cabin I lived out down there  i kept wishing i was there! I havent been able to find a picture of the house i lived in while i was teaching but I’m still looking!

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