When i first thought about what i was going to do this semester I had no clue! I started reading “Taking the Leap” by Cay Lang, “Art & Fear” by David Bayles and Ted Orland, “The Artist’s Guide” by Jackie Battenfield, and Artist and Graphic Designer’s Market.”  Such good inspiration and practical books that all artists should read! So i finally had a plan and an idea and everything started to make sense. So for this semester, actaully for however long after that too until i feel that i have explored the subject fully, I am going to be exploring the concept of home and why one place seems to be more af a home then another place. I will paint all of the houses that i lived in throughout the years as well as the people and things that i associate with those places and see what about that place made it my home. I love the home that grew up in and i love that my parents still live there and i can go home and still sleep in my room. But i also love traveling and being in new places. So i am super excited to be painting all of these places and people and reliving memories!

When i first started, i was planing on painting in oils cause thats what i love and know best. After gessoing (and painting each canvaswitha coat of white paint since i dont like painting on gesso…) i just stared at the canvases for a couple of days (ok maybe more like a week….) but it just wasnt clicking with me.

So I decided to just do some water color sketches to get in the mood for painting and to work out what angles i wanted to paint from and what i wanted to include. So i pulled up the picture of my house in good ol Jersey and with some Denzel movie on in the background i got to work.

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