Monday Style

I’ve decided to establish some order up in here to help me stay more consistent with posting on my lovely little blog:) I have been spending all my free time (not very successfully) teaching myself HTML to make my portfolio website but then i just made it iweb….so, that should be up soon (YAY!!!) as soon as i pay for hosting and my domain name and all that jazz. I’m also working super hard to create stuff to put in my storefront:):):) My dad bought me a printer and I’ll do design work to pay him back. Its really a win-win for me since i get an awesome new epson printer (+scanner) and i get to work on my photoshop and illustrator skills and build my (now almost non-exist) digital portfolio.

I graduated in December and its been an interesting month free of school. It really didn’t kick in until Flagler started back up to classes and i did a happy dance around my living room that i didn’t have to go:):) January really has been the month of planning and preparation. Figuring out advertising for personal training, website work for design, oh and attempting to clean my room of all the junk that has accumulated. I really am a planning addict. I make lists of lists and never get anything done but, thank the Lord, i am more then ready for February!

Alrighty! Monday will be an outfit post cause i like clothes and i like to paint:):) And thats all the explanation it needs!

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