Romans 1 (download)

I started reading through Romans today and man oh man did God hit me over the head…in a good way of course! I whipped this up and hung it on my fridge to be reminded all day long to have a godly heart attitude! After i posted it to my instagram, the lovely Sara suggested i put it on here. So here ya go:) You should all just be able to click on it and download for your own daily reminder!

P.S. Sara and her hubby Jordan and their adorable little son are going to Uruguay as missionaries so keep them in your prayers!!


  1. Thanks girl! I will be sure to print that and hand it around this house! Thanks for the shout out for Uruguay! We are so excited. 🙂 Where are you guys living now?

  2. Yay! We are both in St. Augustine, Emmanuel is in school to be a physical therapist and still has at least another year so we’ll probably stay around here for awhile or move up to Jacksonville after we get married:)

    And i am so excited for you guys to go to Uruguay! I went for a weekend when i was in Argentina and i loved it!!

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