DIY Pallet Bed

I love pallets (even before they took over Pinterest…) and I have multiple items in my home that were made from shipping pallets! Today is the easiest pallet DIY. If you can sand and paint then you can make this!


2 pallets (I made a base for a twin bed, probably 4 pallets will work for a double, queen or king)

sandpaper/electric sander

paint/stain- any color you desire

*spray paint would probably be easier to use since the bottom of the pallet is kinda tricky/time intensive to paint*

fabric or felt- for the bottom of the pallet so it won’t scratch your floor


1. Find same/similar sized pallets, normally if they are stacked next to a dumpster and there are no signs specifically saying not to take the pallets, then they are fair game BUT, do NOT take my word for it! Ask the store manager and most times they will be glad to get rid of them and might even have someone help you load it in your car:)

2. Clean your pallets. I sprayed mine off with a hose and then scrubbed it with antibacterial dish soap and hosed it off again. Let the pallets dry overnight.

3. Sand sand sand!!! Use a rough grit sand paper first and then go over with a fine grit to to get it nice and smooth.

4. Wipe the pallet down with a wet rag to get off any sanding dust.

5. Paint time! I used white paint that I already had and rolled the top and use a brush to get all the crevices on the bottom. I ended up doing two coats since I wanted it to be super white and glossy but depending on your paint/stain and the color of your pallets (mine were blue) you might be able to get away with only one.

6. Let the paint cure for atleast 3 days! You definitely don’t want to be sleeping and breathing in paint fumes!

7. I attached fabric squares to the bottom of my pallet so it won’t scratch the wood floor. Simply apply glue to the fabric and stick on the bottom of the pallet. I used a bunch since the bottom of my pallets curved and different places touched the ground, plus my old landlord was super picky about his wood floors so better safe then sorry!!

8. Plop your mattress on top of your new awesome pallet bed and take a well deserved nap!

To make the pallet bed taller you can stack another layer of pallets on-top or feel free to add wheels and/or legs (I’ll show you in a few days how we did that for the pallet coffee table we built)


  1. Great info! Just what I was looking for.

  2. wrybeauty · · Reply

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve been looking all over for actual DIY instructions for a pallet bed. This is perfect.

  3. Yep just the info I needed! Thank you!

  4. Fantastic. That is great help. Many thanks.

  5. Just what I need to start from scratch!

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