Monthly Archives: September 2012

Super Exciting Announcement!

And for the most super exciting announcement of the day…….my stationary company, Seahorse Paper Co. officially launches on October 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! I have been designing custom wedding invites and jazz for the past year and now I will be launching a full line of greeting cards, awesome rubber stamps, and other fun paper stuff:) I […]

Wedding Wednesday

My fiancé and I got engaged Christmas Day 2011:) We planned on having a long engagement since: 1. Why rush and stress out and make dumb decisions that we would hate at the wedding (or regret forever after) 2. Weddings are (generally) expensive. Even with all hopes for doing things economically, they can become a […]

Monday Style: Autumn Outfit

Its been awhile since a monday style post but I have a bunch already done and ready to go:) I have also included shopping links for similar items at the bottom incase you desperately love something and want to own it right now! 1/2/3/4 I wore this with flip flops since it is still over […]

Back in Florida

I had a great trip, it was definitely bittersweet and hard, but it was terrific to see my family!!! So here are three lovely collages (curtesey of instagram since I forgot to bring my camera. The Hard Part of the Trip 1. A photo for the slideshow, my grandfather, grandmother, and his brother on a […]