Back in Florida

I had a great trip, it was definitely bittersweet and hard, but it was terrific to see my family!!! So here are three lovely collages (curtesey of instagram since I forgot to bring my camera.

The Hard Part of the Trip

1. A photo for the slideshow, my grandfather, grandmother, and his brother on a road trip

2. The Veteran’s cemetery

3. A painting of his old log cabin that I did a few years ago, and a table shaped like his old Boston Terrier Gizmo

4. His garden outside his apartment

The Fun Part of the Trip

1. Went to NYC with my sister (WE ROEDE THE CAROUSEL IN CENTRAL PARK)<-can you tell i was excited?!

2. Friend time:):)

3. Went to the Jersey Shore (first and only time at the beach this year, very sad since I literally live 5 minutes from a beach)

4. My family (really just my sister and I) are obsessed with playing this game!

The Nice Thing About Being Back in Florida

1. Hanging out with these three<3

2. New Vibrams!! I literally wore a few holes into the bottom of my old ones. Plus my new ones are named after a super inspiring runner!

3. Florida surprised me by having almost fall like weather, it was nice for the day:)

4. Dates with the finance:) He had a shrimp po boy and I had amazing mushroom tacos!

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