Monday Style: Autumn Outfit

Its been awhile since a monday style post but I have a bunch already done and ready to go:) I have also included shopping links for similar items at the bottom incase you desperately love something and want to own it right now!


I wore this with flip flops since it is still over 80 degrees here in Florida, but I can’t wait to start adding on layers once it gets cooler!


  1. luvvleighb · · Reply

    Oh I love your illustrations! This look is perfect!

    1. Thank you so much!! And my middle name is Leigh:):):)

      1. luvvleighb · ·


    1. Thanks so much Colleen!!! I appreciate you checking out my blog!

  2. […] really jumped on the mustard (the color, I already love the edible stuff!) train lately. I bought mustard color skinnies and I want to wear them everyday! The color will probably be incorporated mainly through plants and […]

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