Wedding Wednesday

My fiancé and I got engaged Christmas Day 2011:) We planned on having a long engagement since:

1. Why rush and stress out and make dumb decisions that we would hate at the wedding (or regret forever after)

2. Weddings are (generally) expensive. Even with all hopes for doing things economically, they can become a money pit!

3. As a designer I want all the details to be perfect and the event to look a certain way so I would rather have a year or so to make everything perfectly without the rush (team DIY for life!)

So now almost a year later, spending a few hours here and there brainstorming,  I have the perfect party planned for next June! For all of my life, my Mom wisely drilled into my head that a wedding is a celebration of the marriage, it is only one day, and a down payment on a house is way more awesome then a huge expensive party. Thanks mom:):) Since my fiancé and I live in Florida and the majority of our families are in New Jersey we will be having the shindig up there. We are also both super laid back and just want to have a fun time with our family and friends that we don’t get to see very often.

Each weekend, I will be posting updates on the planning to keep me on track and to fill everyone in!

Wedding Inspiration

All images are from my Pinterest board “For My Wedding

Our themes are rustic, glitzy, colorful, and vintage! I’ll post color moodboards for all of the colors we picked (swatches on the side of the picture above) next week, and then talk about how we are going to incorporate our themes. And then we get to talk about food!! I’ll leave you with this: its going to be a build your own _________ bar! So excited! And I know for a fact that I will not be one of those brides that doesn’t eat anything at her wedding! I’M.ALWAYS.HUNGRY!



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