Illustrated Style: Peplum

Painted Fashion Illustration,


Similar: 1/2/3

Hey there!!! Yeah its been awhile! I got a full time web design job (yay!!! woohoo!!! hooray!!) so after spending 8 hours sitting in front of a computer, the last thing I want to do is spend more time on the computer.  Plus my scanner cord stopped  working, my dog ate my camera (seriously…), and my phone stopped working! It was a kinda nice technology free month, kinda lol. But now I am back!!! A new scanner cord, a new cell phone, and a lovely Canon dslr that was an early Christmas present from the awesome fiance! So this weekend I will have all of the christmas cards in the shop and ready to be wisked to your abode to give out to all your loved ones:) I will also be posting FREE printable gift tags, just as a thanks for all the support in these first few months of official business:)

Also you’ll notice the blog got a slight makeover:) So if you are reading this in google reader, come over and check it out!

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