Free Printable Bunny Valentine’s Day Cards

Meet Harvey and Anne:

"Some Bunny Loves You"

“Some Bunny Loves You”

"Some Bunny Loves You"

“Some Bunny Loves You”

My friend came down form New Jersey for vacation for a week and whenever we spend time together I am always so inspired to start working on new projects! Aside from these bunny illustrations which I posted on Instagram (psst! I use Instagram way more then this blog!) I am also working on a few watercolor landscapes, a series of flower still lifes in oil, and then a bunch of recipe illustrations for TDAC. I am spending every spare second in my studio and I love it!

About the free printable valentines:

  1. These are for personal use only! You many print out as many as you please and give to those you love. They may not be used in any other way with out my permission. Ok? Thanks:)
  2. Use the heaviest 8.5×11 inch cardstock that your printer can handle for best results.
  3. The lighter the paper the better the illustration will show up.

Click here for Harvey and here for Anne

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