Julie Lequin









After my portfolio critique, my professor showed me a video that Julie Lequin made. I loved it! and her! and all her artwork! I love the whimsical way that she captures things and i am definitely happy with my decision to switch to watercolors! It is  fun to be able to have an idea for a painting and then be able to have it done and dry in a few hours compared to days or weeks of working on an oil painting. Anyway back to Julie! Her show is at the Crisp Ellert Art Museum here at Flagler and I was lucky enough to meet her the other day when i showed up to the gallery for work:):) But instead of work i got to browse around and stare at her paintings:):) Unfortunately the projector wasn’t installed yet so i didn’t get to see the videos but i’ll definitely be back (i kinda have to since i work there…) If you are in St. Augustine defintiely go see the show!!


So after critique and realizing the the memory is the most vital part of why i consider a place home and without a descriptive title or an explanation that could easily be lost to the viewer I am thinking of having the paintings as illustrations in the book with my narration of memories. Um YES!  I love all of the connections that are happening now:) This combines all of my artistic loves: architecture, painting, book illustration, hand lettering so I’m really really happy about it!

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